Carton Cores

• Cellopack is Egypt's leading producer of High Performance and a wide range of cores for different applications. Your application is our challenge, and all clients can depend on Cellopack for their needs of Cores. 

• Our production range of Cores includes Cores from 1 inch diameter and up to 6 inch diameter, from a thickness of 1 mm and up to 20 mm, and starting from a length of 50 mm and up to 4000 mm.

• Our Carton cores are produced out of paper from major world core-board suppliers as well as Egypt's major local suppliers. 

• Material selection for making cores is made depending on each client's application and requirements.

• Cores are produced for Paper Mills, for Flexible Packaging Printers and Converters, for Producers of Plastic Films and Foils, for converters of Aluminum Foils, for producers of Self Adhesive Labels and Self Adhesive Tapes