Self-Adhesive Label

Being a customer driven organization, every produced label is custom made to the clients’ requirements with full attention given to every single detail.  With the availability of our in-house design studio for color separation and plate making equipment, Cellopack can beat down all records of lead time when it comes to fast delivery.


Flexographic printing process is the dominant printing process available at Cellopack along with rotary Silk Screen, Cold Foil and Hot Foil stamping. Accompanied by a state of the art pre-press department, the highest printing quality levels are achieved and targeting to be higher than Offset printing.


Combining the world’s leading suppliers of self adhesive label materials, inks and consumables together with state of the Art printing and color separation equipment and a highly skillful team of employees with a very strict quality policy for 100% inspection throughout all the production process made Cellopack meet the highest customer demands in label printing quality and became the most reliable source in providing printed self adhesive label solutions to the Egyptian market